Friends, Family Wait for Update on Off. Strauser's Condition

After undergoing at least three corrective and exploratory surgeries Thursday, friends and family wait for news and signs of improvement from Officer Troy Strauser.

Sgt. Joseph Kennedy, President of the Stamford Police Association, released an update on Officer Troy Strauser Thursday night, who was injured during a pursuit that went through several towns and exits along I-95 early Thursday morning.

"He's still in critical care," Kennedy said Thursday evening. "They are trying to stabilize the situation and that's about where we are medically at this moment."

Strauser was injured on duty after taking a while giving chase to a suspect fleeing on foot. Strauser landed on a barrier and ended up facedown on the pavement after the fall.

Kennedy explained Strauser had already undergone surgery for facial and elbow injuries earlier in the day and was conscious and aware of what was going on around him following the incident in the early morning hours of Thursday.

"It's hard to say what his status is exactly because the first two days are so important to see how he recovers from these injuries," Kennedy said. "It's especially true with these internal injuries. They are dealing with the various kinds of internal injuries and now it's a waiting game."

Kennedy spoke fondly of Strauser, and said his character was obvious from the way other officers respected him.

"I know Troy a bit," Kennedy said. "What I know of him is he's an extrememly devoted father, a family man. He's pretty quiet in nature, very diligent about his job, very independent worker who does great work. I know the biggest thing to him in his life is his family."

Kennedy said Strauser, a 6-year veteran of the force and father of three  currently had a "big support system around him."

The suspect, Frank O. Douglas, 30, of Norwalk, is due in court Friday.

Bennie May 18, 2012 at 01:03 PM
My thoughts are with the officer's family. I hope that police dog bit that scumbag's 'you-know-what' off.


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