Fine Dining Cat Brought to Animal Care & Control Office

Cat & Dog Tales is a roundup of unusual or unique stories coming out of Stamford's Animal Care & Control Office.


On Friday, May 4, 2012, Capital Grille Executive Chef Matthew Schmalle brought in a cat that had been trying hang around at the . The cat clearly knew fine dining, and was a bit disappointed he was not presented with a steak for his troubles.

While typically it is difficult for the office to accept a cat as a new resident because they are classified as animals where it would be normal for them to be roaming around, the cat had an injured paw and so was admitted for treatment.


A Senior Chihuahua was brought in to the control office on May 1 after someone found the dog limping and wandering the streets, said Animal Control Officer Laurie Hollywood.

The dog was found to have a fractured right leg and is currently undergoing tests to determine if the injury was caused by trauma or cancer. If cancer caused the injury, it may mean the limb needs to be amputated, Hollywood said.

The owner of the dog was aware the dog was in the animal control office, and steps were being taken to have the owner sign over possession of the dog to the office.

The Manager at High Ridge Animal Hospital offered to both take care of the animal's treatment and give it a home post-op.


On Apr. 17, a domestic goose known as an Embden Goose was found wandering Scalzi Park.

An Embden is a domesticated type of goose, and it was likely the owner dumped it in the park, where he or she thought the goose might be able to continue on in life, Hollywood said.

A doctor at the High Ridge Animal Hospital offered to take the goose in on a plot of farmland they owned.


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