'Donut' Allegedly Punches Man, Leading to Serious Injury

The victim struck his head on the ground after being punched by the man with the pastry moniker, police said.

Stamford Police received a call from Stamford Hospital at approximately 5 a.m. Sunday morning concerning a victim who was suffering from a serious head wound, authorities said Monday morning.

The victim had allegedly been at Scalzi Park at around 11 p.m. Saturday night playing in a basketball tournament when he was given a ride to the area of W. Broad and Wright streets, according to authorities. It was here, police said, that the victim and a man identified as Kevin "Donut" Ruffin, 31, of Locust St. in Bridgeport, got into an argument. 

The argument turned from verbal to physical and Ruffin allegedly punched the victim, causing the man to fall and strike his head on the ground which would eventually lead to bleeding on the brain and the call to the police, authorities said.

The victim was brought to his sister's house and then the hospital following the altercation. Police said Ruffin turned himself into authorities Sunday morning and reportedly admitted to striking the victim.

Ruffin was charged with second-degree assault and held on $50,000 bond. 


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