Crackdown Kicked Off for Stamford's Mianus River Park

The Stamford PD will be collaborating with the Animal Care & Control Center.

Area residents planning on bringing their dogs to Mianus River Park to let their dogs off-leash to stretch their legs should be careful as it's against the law and authorities are beginning a major crackdown, Stamford Animal Control Officer Tilford Cobb reported Friday

The Stamford Animal Care & Control Center, in collaboration with the Stamford Police Department, has kicked off a crackdown for pet law offenders at Mianus River Park, Cobb said.

According to Cobb, complaints have been piling up from homeowners and park goers who live near or visit the park. Over the summer of 2012, Animal Control began ticketing more frequently at the park for violations spotted like dogs being off leash or owners not picking up after their animals, but he said this round of ticketing will be much stricter.

"We're escalating our efforts at Mianus River Park and we've received orders to issue no warnings and ticket for all possible offenses," Cobb said. "The Police Department is getting more involved and we received orders from Capt. Sue Bretthauer to give tickets for everything we can find."

Cobb said, potentially, tickets could reach hundreds of dollars for offenses like failure to vaccinate, failure to license a pet, failure to provide accurate proof of licensing, allowing a pet to be off leash, disobeying posted signs and more.

Cobb also explained the police department's involvement. He said the department is assisting with manpower, and undercover officers will be present in the park giving tickets as well.

"The parks and recreation officers will be assisting with an undercover operation and will be monitoring what's going on," Cobb said. "People are ignoring all the rules, breaking the law and they don't care."

Jacqueline March 13, 2013 at 02:18 PM
Which means following the rules.
Shawnee Rizzo March 14, 2013 at 03:45 PM
Police dept does not get a cent from these tickets. They are protecting all of us who cannot use the park anymore because of unleashed dogs. Why can't my family walk in the park without being bombarded by dogs? I think I should bring my pet boa into the park and let her slither free. If she happens to wrap herself tightly around you or your dog , I will respond" oh do not worry she is the friendliest boa ever!" And if you comment I will make sure I use I inappropriate language even though you are just asking that I keep my boa controlled... That is a scene I experience with unleashed dogs. Besides the fear of animals jumping on my three year old or myself , the dog owner feels entitled to be rude and righteous about his or her behavior . Why do you feel so entitled to the park? It is for everyone to enjoy. Why do you feel you are above the law? If anything you have chased all non dog owners and some leashed dogs and their owners out of the park. The park, it's wildlife, all people have a fighting chance to enjoy it again thanks to the law being upheld.
j March 19, 2013 at 02:01 PM
rights are defensible as long as they don't infringe on others' rights....and no-one has any right to flout the law...moreover small dogs whose owners follow the law and leash them are often intimidated by other dogs bounding free... so, the selfishness of the lawbreakers affects many park users, including the dogs themselves.. and wouldn't one expect dog-lovers to respect doggy rights?
Carl Lydon April 14, 2014 at 02:23 AM
Meh, it's one less issue to be concerned about. I can go to my house in Maine where there are fewer busybodies and a lot more autonomy and common sense. If you can't have even a modicum of freedom in the woods without busybodies bothering you,then it might as well be a shopping mall. Pave it over for all I care. Or not, whatever. I'll just use the park without my dog and never support or be concerned about it in even the tiniest way.


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