Cops: Stamford Man was Holding Gun for "for Safe-Keeping"

Police stopped the man and frisked him as he loaded a van with "bags of beer."

A Stamford man was arrested after police found him carrying a gun he did not own as he loaded up a white van with "bags of beer," police said Tuesday.

According to authorities, officers on patrol early Tuesday morning in the area of Spruce St. observed two men carrying bags of beer stop at the rear of a white van. They stopped to speak with the men and, during their conversation, searched their persons.

Police said they allegedly discovered a small .22-caliber handgun in the pocket of Jose A. Jolon-Villalta, 45, of George St. According to authorities, Jolon-Villalta allegedly told police a man had given him the gun for safe-keeping, and he was just holding on to it until he saw the owner again.

Police said the gun was not reported stolen.

Jolon-Villata was charged with illegally carrying a pistol without a permit and carrying a dangerous weapon. He was held on a $50,000 bond and scheduled to appear in court January 2, 2013.


Other Arrests

Vladimir A. Ruales-Espinoza, 20, of Cove Rd., charged Monday night with two counts violation of probation.

Adam T. Stefaniak, 47, of First St. in Norwalk, charged Monday morning with second-degree breach of peace, interfering with an officer/resisting, second-degree threatening, carrying a dangerous weapon and third-degree criminal mischief.


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