Cops Say Man Found Hiding Knife in Sleeve in Stamford Store

An employee called police after the man became aggressive after hanging around for 20 minutes.

An employee at the Lucento Family Market on Lockwood Ave. called police late Monday morning to report a suspicious man reportedly acting strangely, police announced Tuesday morning.

According to authorities, a 29-year-old employee had been monitoring a black male pace around in the store for approximately 20 minutes before asking if he needed helping.

The man, identified by police as Ricky Daniel Goodrich, 33, of Bedford St., allegedly replied to the clerk, "Don't mess with me, I'm not playing around," police said.

Authorities reported the woman also spotted a knife Goodrich was attempting to hide up his sleeve.

Officers responding said Goodrich could offer no reason for his presence at the store or why he was there for so long. Authorities did, however, discover a large, red-handled knife on his person, they said.

Goodrich was taken into custody and was charged with second-degree breach of peace and carrying a dangerous weapon.


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