Cops: Man Ties Up Mom, Ransacks Her Place for Money

Stamford police allege the man used pantyhose and other clothing items to tie up his mother so he could rob her.

A 45-year-old man with an address listed as homeless was arrested and charged early Tuesday in an incident in which police alleged he ties up his 72-year-old mother with pantyhose and other clothing items while he ransacked her apartment for money.

Police said they received a call from an apartment in the first block of Pequot Ave. from a woman saying she was being held hostage by her son. Upon arrival, police said they found the woman's son, identified by police as Todd Blackman, still inside the home.

Police said Blackman was subdued and found to have $320 of his mother's cash on his person. Police subdued Blackman at the scene and took him into custody. Blackman's mother was found to have injuries to her wrists, legs and neck from where she'd been tied up.

Police said the woman had managed to free one of her hands from the restraints and managed to call police after reaching a phone. She remained incapacitated but for her one free hand upon police arrival.

She was visibly upset, police said.

Blackman, who was for an alleged shoplifting incident at Target and released on a Promise To Appear, was charged with home invasion, third-degree robbery, third-degree assault on a victim over 60 years of age and second-degree unlawful restraint.


Other Arrests

Harolyn Johnson, 58, of Cowan Ave., was charged Saturday afternoon second-degree assault and violating a protective order.

Michael Lawrence Morano, 51, of Standish Rd., was charged Sunday afternoon with second-degree breach of peace and second-degree threatening.

Steven Rabalino, 22, of Hillandale Ave., was charged Sunday night with two counts violation of probation.

Thomas Wright, 36, of Madison Pl., was charged early Tuesday with illegal possession of narcotics, sale of certain illegal drugs and controlled substance within 1500 feet of a school


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