Cops: 'Intoxicated' Stamford Man Was Walking Around With Knife

A 29-year-old Clinton Ave. man was charged by Stamford police with walking around with a knife, allegedly after being attacked by men in Veterans Park.


At 10 minutes shy of midnight, Stamford Police Officers on patrol in the area of Atlantic and Main Streets spotted a harrowing sight—a "highly intoxicated" man walking down the street carrying a knife out in the open. 

Officers on patrol in a vehicle spotted Michael Brad Fagan, 29, of Clinton Ave., walking down Atlantic St. heading in the direction of Main St., towards the officers, police said.. They exited their vehicle, drew their weapons and ordered Fagan to drop the knife he was allegedly carrying.

Fagan obeyed the command after police repeated it several more times, according to police. Authorities said officers approached Fagan and placed him in cuffs. Fagan, allegedly highly intoxicated on an unknown substance, relayed to police that he'd been attacked in Veterans Park by a group of unknown males, they said.

Police reports show officers observed cuts to Fagan's back, hands and face.

The took a cuffed Fagan to Veterans Park and discovered several possible groups of suspects, but police allege Fagan was too intoxicated to positively identify his alleged attackers.

Fagan was taken to the station and charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, creating a disturbance and second-degree threatening. He was held on a $10,000 bond and scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday, with his next court date scheduled for July 23, 2012.


Other Arrests

Jose Antonio Delgado-Cruz, 44, of Pacific St., was charged Tuesday morning with breach of peace and third-degree assault.

Sean Frangione, 34, of Main Street, was charged Monday night with larceny.

Gisella Milagros Llaury, 18, of Standish Rd., was charged Monday night with larceny.

Juan Ramon Peralta, 21, of Atlantic St., was charged Monday night with failure to pay or respond to an infraction.

Ryszard Zajac, 41, of Weed Hill Ave., was charged Monday night with disorderly conduct.


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