Convicted Sex Offender Arrested Following Alleged Fight with Stamford Police

A warrant was issued for the 26-year-old man, convicted in 2006, after he failed to update his address with authorities.

Stamford officers on patrol Tuesday night physically struggled with and arrested a convicted sex offender who authorities said Wednesday had a warrant out for failing to update his address.

According to Capt. Richard Conklin, Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit officers on patrol at approximately 10:40 p.m. spotted Keon Lemar Beatty, 26, sitting outside where police had received intel was his new address of 34 Raymond Street.

Beatty, who was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a minor on September 12, 2006, had a warrant out for failing to register his new address, Conklin said. When officers approached Beatty to take him into custody, a struggle ensued.

During the fight, Conklin said the officers sustained injuries and lacerations to the face and neck area from Beatty's nails as he began thrashing around. Once in custody, authorities found a bottle containing five pills on his person, which were revealed to be hydrocodone, a controlled substance.

Beatty was charged with failure of a person with a sexual assault conviction to register his address, interfering with an officer/resisting, possession of narcotics, failure to keep narcotics in their original container, sale of certain illegal drugs, two counts assault on a police officer and failure to be mugged and printed, a process he failed to comply with at police headquarters. He was held on a $125,000 bond—$25,000 for the warrant and $100,000 on the new charges—and issued a court date of January 28, 2014.


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