Stamford Animal Control Saves Gosling From Goose Gang Violence

A baby goose is attacked by other geese, a pair of dogs gets loose and bites a jogger and why pet owners should keep an eye on the friends their pets make.


Stamford Animal Care & Control Office Director Laurie Hollywood had to chase down a baby Canadian goose this last week after it's mates started beating it up.

"The gosling had a broken right leg and it was trying to swim around in Holly Pond but all the other geese there, adults & adolescents, were pecking at him and beating him up. They had rejected him because something was wrong with him," Hollywood said. "I had to take the shoes off, roll up the pants, managed to throw a towel over him and pull him in."

Hollywood said the gosling was relinquished to the High Ridge Animal Hospital to see if they could perform surgery to help him, then the young goose would be relinquished to a licensed rehabilitation facility. She said, by that point, the goose would be fully grown. 


Two roaming dogs along High Ridge Rd. near Hartswood Rd. had to be chased down after one bit a jogger in the area.

The owners were located and informed of the incident. They said they would have to investigate the cause of the dogs getting loose as they have a dog pen inside a fenced in yard and a nanny that stops by during the day.

The jogger went to the hospital and received a tetanus shot. The dog had to be quarantined until further tests could be conducted.

Hollywood said dogs digging in the yard, sneaking out an open gate or running through legs when homeowners are just coming home can be an issue.

She segued into paying particular attention to animals this week as fireworks are going to be going off in the area. Dogs can react in different ways, and it's a good idea to keep an eye on animals and any behavioral changes during July 4 festivities and celebrations. 

If a loose dog happens to be spotted, don't approach it during celebrations. The noises may have already put the dog on edge and more strange interaction might cause the dog to lash out negatively.


A bit of a sad story this week, Hollywood said Animal Control had to put down a sick woodchuck.

A homeowner reported seeing their dog playing with a woodchuck and, while the animals were acting friendly towards each other while playing, the woodchuck was showing signs of illness.

Hollywood said if a strange wild animal wanders near pets, even if it looks like a cute moment, keep domesticated animals aware from them even if they appear friendly as it's possible to have disease passed between the animals.  

The woodchuck had to be euthanized to test for rabies.


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