Among 12 Arrested in Fed Drug Crackdown, 3 From Stamford

The U.S. Attorney's Office announced the arrest of 12 for their alleged involvement in a crack distribution ring.

Federal authorities working directly with Stamford Police made 12 arrests in a sweeping crackdown on an alleged drug distribution ring.

The details of the case remain sealed from the public as the investigation is ongoing, but the Thomas Carson of the U.S. Attorney's Office released Tuesday the names of 12 defendants arrested in the case so far.

Carson said they have each been arrests on various crack distribution charges, but had no further public information.

  • Marvin "Smash" Wooten, 43, of Bridgeport
  • Gary "G-Money/Sooki" England, 37, of Norwalk
  • Landers Wilson, 42, of Bridgeport
  • Lamar Powell, 29, of Bridgeport
  • William Titus Jones, 50, of Bridgeport
  • Tramaine Pettway, 33, of Bridgeport
  • Howard Stultz, 46, of Norwalk
  • Anthony Scullark , 27, of Norwalk
  • Mary "Big Sis" Taylor, 45, of Stamford
  • Terrrell "Black" Wills, 39, of Stamford
  • Lanika Brown, 32, of Stamford
  • Keith Hardison, 36, of Norwalk


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