'You Don't Really Know How Hard Raising a Child Is'

The day's best comments from our Patch account-holders in Fairfield County, and my nephew.


BROOKFIELD: “Until you have spent countless, sleepless nights up with a sick or colicky child and still had to function the next day, you dont really know how hard raising a child is.” — That’s what said after reading , one conservative mom’s view of some recent political chatter surrounding Mitt Romney and women.

GREENWICH: “Awesome! I love to see Delilah making new friends and opening eyes.” — had that to say in response to the second, about her beloved pit bull—a breed she says is unfairly feared by many people.

MONROE: “hey, I made a line in the article! Lol” — So posted Jennifer Ryan Baranello on Monroe Patch’s Facebook page following an article on a in town. Make that two articles, Jennifer!

NEW CANAAN: That’s my own nephew Cooper Dinan, 7, of New Canaan in the photo with the basketball. The “You Said It” feature is a space where you can post your own photos or share your own favorite quotes of the day—always with your neighbors, as Patch guarantees your local conversation. I had a little Q&A with Cooper, asking him what he loves best about his sister Gillian and mom, and what he wants to change most about his dad (my brother):

  • Sister: “When she brings friends over.”
  • Mom: “When she helps me with my homework.”
  • Dad: “Change my Wii to an Xbox.”

NEWTOWN: “This is the Newtown Patch why isnt there ONE Newtown player.” — Hard to argue with ’s logic here, of “Bull Durham” fame. In fairness, Paul jumped into the comment thread to recognize one of Newtown’s outstanding athletes, though the comments probably crossed wires.

RIDGEFIELD: “Love it! Have always had a delicious time ...” — So said in reviewing local eatery in Patch’s continuously updated directory of business listings in town. Interested in telling future readers and neighbors about a business in your town? Rate it and review it!


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