'They Are All Criminals'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"Anyone to whom this is news? Anyone?" -

"When we come across a person who judges people by their gender, race, or sexual orientation, we are so quick to label them a sexist, racist or homophobe. People judge dogs by how they look and they create laws supporting this." -

"I would think that given Derby's education difficulties, the money would be better spent on educating their children. Derby and Shelton should pool their resources and share the expense and use the 'extra' money on something more valuable." -

"Remove it asap!! He's a disgrace, the board at Penn Station is a disgrace, in fact the entire school is a disgrace! I stated it before when it was a hot topic here; no way anyone involved with the program did not know what was going on - Common Sense! They are all crminals for allowing this man to continue to use the facilities, the program, and name of Penn Station to bring in these young boys." -

"Agan as I've said in the past the MFAC is a pathetic bunch of loser ignorant snobs that if something doesn't fit their definition of Fine Arts will not support it. There is no need for them in Milford anyways. Get rid of MFAC" -

"The Ten Commandments are a pretty good guide. Our secular laws were based on them to some extent." -

"In 2012 we are cited as having the 44th worst economy as far as growing businesses, yet in 2011 we were sited as having the 9th fastest growing economy. Interesting. How do we reconcile this, for it seems to be contradictory. Are we a financial powerhouse, or are we in deep trouble?" -

"Is the town just waiting for another lawsuit to be filed before they act? Let's fix this problem. Yes, the new beach concession stand is lovely, but being able to drive down Route 1 during a rainstorm is important (same for Noroton Heights)." -


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