'These Suckers Can Always Keep Paying More and More...'

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.


DANBURY: "I know it is hard to believe Filo, but yes kids actually play tag, and catch, and ride bikes, and walk their dogs... just like the 'old days' and then we call them to dinner and wash behind their ears and send them to bed..." wrote this in response to comments made on an article about

FAIRFIELD: "Go ahead and raid the transportation fund, it's just those Rich Fairfield Country commuters, these suckers can always keep paying more and more for less and less." wrote this in response to news that .

SHELTON: "Dennis and his crew were extremely prompt, polite, and professional." wrote this in his review of .

WILTON: "Anyone trying to open a new one in CT is a big time gambler or a nut!" wrote this in response to a .


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