'These Crafty Deer Carry a Calendar'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region,


Archers Control Rising Deer Population in New Canaan

“The problem is that these crafty deer carry a calendar. They exit my property from September 15 to January 31. We need to extend the deer hunting season.” –

The Opulent Firwood Mansion: $11.5M Teardown

“There seems to be a new trend that could help soften the sometime negative view of redeveloping older, most obsolete homes - deconstruction. We are now seeing some of these homes taken apart piece by piece - reselling valuable materials or irreplaceable features (mantles, banisters, flooring, molding , doors etc.).” –

He Said, She Said: Delaying Marriage

“Every person is different and each person entering into marriage needs to enter it in their own time.” -

Veterans Find Healing Through Horses

“I did volunteer work at this event for the veterans. It was very rewarding to see their smiles while they drove the carriage. They were so excited to actually be up in the carriage driving a horse. It was a great day away from the VA hospital.” -

“It's done. Deal with it and move on” –


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