'There are Good and Bad Employees Everywhere'

A look at the comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“There are good and bad employees everywhere. I usually feel bad for teachers, they have a tough job and they get no love. However administrators and a slew of town employees give the rest a bad name.” -

“It's nice to see us come together as a Town and do something positive, beautiful and lasting.” –

Political Sign Regulations: How Strict Should They Be? 

“This is one of the few times when the average citizen in town has a voice in the political process. Let them raise their voices, and let them be loud!” -

Poll Shows Murphy Leading McMahon

“I guess after the primary the general election is more or less a coronation for any Democrat in Connecticut.” -

Macho Man says Linda McMahon will be dropping the elbow on Chris Murphy. Ooooh, yeah!”-

Two Weeks Later, A Tired Wrinkles Is Home

“Poor Wrinx is now on house arrest, though.” -

Angel in the Doorway

“I still don't like the idea of a cat being in a cage. My cat and dog run around and play and they don't belong in a shelter. Anyway, it says that all the cages are full so where do the cats go that need a place? And why are people getting rid of there cats any way? That’s all I'm going to say. They are animals and should be free.” -


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