'That'll Teach 'Em to Cheer Up!'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


Teen Depression

“Yeah! Lets spank the hell out of them! That'll teach em to cheer up!!” –

Oxford Parents Taken Aback by Wilton Youth Baseball Coach's Actions

“Bad apple has to go.” –

Lawsuit Filed in Wake of Colorado Shooting

“Nothing like trying to make a buck off of a tragedy.” –

Stamford, Darien Emergency Crews Lauded for Efforts with Flipped Boat

“Our community is so blessed to have guys like these ready to respond at a moment's notice and then rescue folks in the most harrowing of conditions.”-

New Canaan Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Negligent Homicide Case

“Since this story broke, I have had sympathetic feelings for both sides. The driver will face legal consequences. However, the worst consequences she will face will be the haunting memories that will serve enough punishment to last her lifetime.” –

Our Connection to the Cosmos

“Gravity is also a theory, but I'm pretty sure if I jump off my roof that theory is going to break my legs.” –

Newtown Considers Energy Efficiency Project for Town Buildings

“Incurring debt....personal or municipal, publicly financed or privately financed...is a BAD idea during a period of time that history and hindsight will declare to have been a deflationary depression. You end up paying off your debt with increasingly more valuable dollars. It is municide.” –


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