Stamford's Verdict On CL&P

A look back at Stamford's public and political attempts to hold Connecticut Light and Power accountable for perceived, past mistakes.

CL&P boss Jeff Butler has amid severe backlash over its handling of two recent storms, and much of that criticism has come from Stamford.

While public criticism of CL&P has been relatively hostile since Hurricane Irene, this was not always the case. Criticism of CL&P was apparently light following last year's that left an estimated 24,000 CT residents without power for a number of days.

However, 820,000 CL&P residents lost power, some over a week, after "Nor'easter", which could be considered a weak winter storm in comparison to last year's blizzard. 21,000 Stamford residents alone lost power during Hurricane Irene.

In regards to CL&P's response to , "Bill" wrote:

"...Jeff Butler, the President of CL&P, said last night that he's been thinking long and hard whether he should apologize to CT residents, and he decided that he didn't have to, that it was a situation beyond his control. Really? If the storm was beyond his control, it's time to select someone to take over who doesn't think that it is beyond their control."

CL&P has its supporters, as well. After Alfred, The Woodbridge-based Yancy Management Group said the following in it's letter to Patch:

"We are dismayed that many of our neighbors are still without power!  And now we question the integrity of those companies and leaders in whom we trust that we will have the basic services that we have invested in.  However, frequently the character and genuine commitment of a company can best be accessed by what it does prior to high visibility crisis management. Such is the reference point of our experience with CL&P..."

"...During both this 2011-2010 and 2010-2011 school year CL&P has contributed (with it’s sister company) over $18,500 to support monthly professional development training sessions for minority school principals from around the state of Connecticut..."

"...This company continues to demonstrate it’s quiet, consistent commitment  to the communities it serves, even when there is no crisis to manage. Their support of these series of  minority principals sessions is simply one example to of that support.

"We are appreciative and proud to be associated with CL&P."

Stamford Patch blogger went so far as to suggest that the public could never truly hold CL&P accountable:

"Just one word guys... monopoly. They have it all sewn up and do not care if your ice cream melts or your steak defrosts."

Given the political scrutiny CL&P faced due to their response to Hurricane Irene and Winter Storm Alfred, Stamford residents instead find themselves waiting in line to hold CL&P accountable for mass-outages Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and curves around the block.  Somewhere in that line is Stamford's own , who stated the following of CL&P's response to outages caused by Hurricane Irene:

“Our plans to restore power as quickly as possible relied on the information supplied to us by CL&P representatives on Friday.  However, based on an inexplicable diversion of resources, CL&P crews assigned to the city of Stamford will now be on a more limited basis."

“...As the economic engine of the State, I find the situation CL&P leaves us in to be completely unacceptable."

CL&P cannot be blamed for the occurence of natural disasters. Unfortunately for CL&P, the Stamford populace can blame them for the power problems that disasters cause, and no one is immune from that blame.

Questions? Feedback? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Jamal.Powell@patch.com, please do not include your name in your letter if you wish your identity to remain private.

Glen K Dunbar November 18, 2011 at 03:24 PM
I stated before. I feel bad for the guy in a way. But, systems have to be put in place for these storms which we seem to be having ALL THE TIME (yes, that is me complaining) As for him personally? I don't see him going hungary any time soon. Like all execs he i LOADED w/$$$. Of course compared to ME EVRERYONE fairs better that I do. (yes, another complaint) GLEN
Matt March 29, 2012 at 08:12 PM
The issue is how did so called consumer watchdog Richard Blumenthal allow the merger of Yankee Gas and CLP? The guy who spent so much time going after people who made fake Lance Armstrong yellow rubber "Live Strong" bracelets did nothing to prevent this merger which has left the state with some of the highest power rates in the nation. Despiccable man.


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