"Once Again the Adage is True — $$ Talks"

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.


BETHEL: "Who wants to bet that in 'early 2013' when the library is supposed to finally be finished... that instead of a ribbon cutting ceremony, we'll get another sign out front of the building begging for more money.... anyone want to wager?" wrote this in response to news the

GREENWICH: "Rich kid from Rye with issues and [everyone] goes bonkers. Poor kids from minority areas go missing no one goes bonkers. Once again the adage is true — $$ talks." wrote this in response to news that

GREENWICH: "I cannot believe the posters who are resentful of the attention given to this missing child, runaway or not, The answer is giving MORE attention to others in the same way this family did, not resenting and wanting LESS attention for this child." also responded

NORWALK: "Quality of work is GREAT!" wrote this in his review of .

WILTON: "God forbid we have a free market system which works, our kids might actually learn something, become independent, and not need government handouts to survive." wrote this in response to this week's "Patch Back" column, which explore the


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