'Money Can Buy Anything'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"The more good people carry guns, the safer everyone is. Disarming everyone only makes it easier for the crazies." - 

"Wow, I am so surprised that a property manager who is hired by the Condo Association has acted in such an unprofessional manner... Shocked." -

"It just goes to show you that money can buy anything, including a seat in the Senate." -

"We're about to pay the price for monoculture: corn is in everything from drinks and foods to gasoline and plastics, and is mostly of a few varieties (86% of which is genetically modified Monsanto corn) so when conditions are adverse the entire crop fails and the whole economy is afffected. Same for soybean. Be ready for 20% inflation at the grocery store and 5%+ inflation elsewhere in 2013 - and we won't be able to blame Obama for this one." -  

"What a great event to read about Leslie! Shelter dogs ARE truly the best! My 'Hannah' was a Frisbee dog back in the day, and she adored children. What memories, Ah yes. Thanks, and to all the families that support our library AND that read, 'Kudos to you!!'" -  


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