'It's Crazy to Pay Huge Money for a Puppy'

Patch readers call it how they see it. What's your favorite comment?


"Is anybody surprised? CT hates business." -  

"Pointing the finger simply at sugar is ridiculous....Children need EXERCISE...Not playtime on their computer, iPhone, or xBox. I LMAO when some people talk about childhood obesity and blame it soley on certain foods. You take your child outside and they ask you; 'Daddy, what's that?' ...And you say; 'Why that's a tree son'" -

"In many ways, neither party is achieving what it is supposed to. The party factions were set up for a specific purpose, advancing this idea of an American Republic. Intrigue has always been part of politics, but it was never supposed to control the process, and of course everyone thinks its all about winning." -  

"Still haven't heard anyone articulate one example of how the Affordable Health Care Act will make healthcare more affordable. So far all it's done is make healthcare insurance more expensive - premiums have already gone up due to the additional coverages insurance carriers are now required to afford." -  

"Im reading into it, I smell an insurance scam." -  


"It's crazy to pay huge money for a puppy when there are 1000s of wonderful animals in desperate need of homes in shelters all across the area. 
As for the argument that people are looking for a certain breed, well, you can find great dogs through any of the dozens of breed-specific rescue groups that can be found online." -  


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