'Government Is Just So Stupid'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"Anyone doubt Wilton's excessive property taxes contribute to the decline ? Our BOS and BOE just don't get it. Their goal is to sustain their monopoly not to put citizens first." -

"A good school system is one of the few things keeping our home prices up. Without good schools Wilton would not be the place to live or buy a house. Alas taxes or lack there of is just not the answer" -

"Did anybody here read 1984? This is it, its all PC BS that costs 10's of millions and accomplishes next to nothing. Close this school if the stupid rules make it better to do that, and keep the new school (Reed) that we haven't even paid off yet. Duh. Government is just so stupid and inept." -  

"A shout out to Wendy Wildman who contacted the flower shops and they readily agreed to donate the ribbon. I love how the community, businesses and residents of Bethel always come together to help one another (and others) in need." -

"In other news, Juan Epstein's mother's brother's housekeeper's doctor almost forgot his car keys the other day." -

"Once again the work of our municipal employees show how efficient they are. We read how fast crimes are solved, Fires are kept to a minimum, Snow is removed from our streets and garbage is removed. The bottom line is that these folk make Milford a fine place to live." -

"I think it's wonderful that the dogs found homes -but that's 40 dogs in Connecticut that didn't. Charity begins at home -don't you think??" - 

"Maybe they're combining all the stolen underwear with the recently stolen Hasslehoff displays. 'The Hoff' in a thong? That's a Knight Rider!" -


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