With Snow on the Way, Stamford FD Asks for Hydrant Adopters

With the National Weather Service calling for snow showers tonight producing white-out conditions at times with heavy snow and high winds and flash freeze conditions and even more snow coming Wednesday night, it is timely that the Stamford Fire Department announced Tuesday it's brand new initiative "Adopt-a-Hydrant."

The department is asking Stamford residents and businesses to "adopt" their closest neighborhood fire hydrant and ensure it is accessible in emergency situations by clearing out accumulating snow and other debris in a 6-foot-by-6-foot range with the hydrant in the center.

"By adopting a hydrant, participants will be helping to protect themselves, their family, and their neighbors," the Stamford Fire Department announced Tuesday. "When there is a fire, the fire department must quickly locate and establish a water supply from the closet fire hydrant. If the hydrant is buried, valuable minutes are lost. Most fire engines only carry enough water for the first two minutes of the fire attack, so establishing a water supply quickly is critical."

The department is asking residents willing to adopt hydrants to let them know the locations of said hydrants via an online form located here so they can track those being protected and thank Stamford residents publicly for contributing to the safety of their community.

If residents know of an inaccessible hydrant but are unable to do the digging themselves, the Stamford Fire Department can assist. Residents can request assistance by calling 203.977.5555 or by visiting the contact page on the department website.


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