[Stamford Snapshot] Stamford High School's 'Clothesline for Peace'

On a day marked by tragedy, the students of Stamford High School hope for a peaceful future.

students took time during their science classes on Tuesday to add thoughts and well wishes to all those affected by 9/11.

Each student at the school wrote out a message on a strip of cloth that was added to the clothes line out front of the school, spanning almost the entire length of the building. On a rotating schedule, the students went outside to add their own thoughts to the line and reflect on others.

"We each decorated a banner to represent how we want people to live or rest in peace and know we're all hoping for better," Katherine, an 11th-grader from Jonathan Jaekle's science class. "These little actions and things mean a lot on such a tragic day. We're looking to make something beautiful out of it. It brought us all together, we're more united."


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