Stamford Family Turns to Community for Heart Transplant Help

Little Fionn needed a heart transplant. Now his family is asking for financial assistance from the community.

Stamford's little Fionn needed a new heart. He was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, a form of heart failure, in February 2013 and spent three weeks at Yale New Haven before it was determined a heart transplant was his only chance at survival.

Fionn was transferred to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital's pediatric unit to determin his transplant candidacy and, in late March, he received his second chance from an unknown donor.

Though Fionn's family has insurance, they've been struggling to cover the costs associated with the procedure and ongoing medical maintenance. Fionn receives monthly biopsies, EKGs, echo-cardiograms and continual lab work. He also has a strict regiment of anti-rejection medication he must take for the rest of his life.

Monthly medical costs reach $16,400 just for the procedures and medications, but that excludes the initial $1,600,000 the family faces from hospital stays, ambulance rides and the transplant itself. They are hoping GoFundMe can help them raise $50,000 to give them a better footing following the procedure.


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