The Many Ways Stamford Celebrates Its Veterans

The residents of Stamford are showing respect for U.S. service-people in ways that range from simple to grand, but are always meaningful.

A few days ago, Stamford Patch asked residents what Veterans Day meant to them. Be it through a story, or an event Veteran's Day means quite a bit to many of you.

This is what Veterans Day means to Patch reader David French:

How do I honor the veterans in my family?  By remembering that service to country was just part of lives of good deeds and service to people, towns, causes and yes, the United States. Often unappreciated in the day, I will appreciate the things they have done forever.

My Grandfather James N. Mulreed--

  • World class sprinter and football player
  • Ran off to WWI 2 years before America joined the war and won the Croix De Guerre (only one in Stamford).
  • President of International Order of Machinists in CT when that was something.
  • A founder of Wright Tech.
  • A State Rep. for 13 years. He does not have a park named after him either..and that is fine because I got to know him as a person. My Father 1st Lt. James C. French
  • First in his family to graduate college (triple masters no less).
  • Flew 30+ missions in the B-17 Venus Ramey in WWII and served until the 1950's. Executive with American Cyanamid for 30 years.
  • President of Stamford Catholic Regional School system (I got my 8th grade diploma from my dad)
  • Head of every group at St. Leo's you could think of and one of the founding families. He also does not have a park named after him......and that is fine as I can still talk to him about his life and the amazing things he has been a part of. 

Stamford High School celebrated Veterans Day by inviting local veterans, mostly from the Vietnam War, to a Thursday morning flag-raise and salute. The flag was donated by SHS freshman Geoffrey Cahr.

"My grandfather is a veteran from the Vietnam War. I donated to Stamford High in honor of the U.S. veterans," Cahr said. After the flag-raising, veterans from the local VFW and American Legion addressed the very SHS students who were honoring them.

Veterans and their families will find numerous vet-friendly activities on Friday and over the weekend. Applebees is having its annual free meal for veterans, as long as they can provide some proof of prior or active military service. On Friday, Stamford's will hold a Veterans Day Roundtable, starting at 9 a.m., and sponsored by Professional Pharmacy Coffee

If you don't know a former service-person to show your thanks to...the phone number to Springdale VFW Post 9617 is 203-531-6490. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind a random phone call expressing gratitude for their defense of the U.S.

Enjoy the weekend, Stamford, and maybe I'll see you at the nearest Applebees.


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