State Supreme Court Ponders Burial Property Rights

The Connecticut Supreme Court is hearing a case that could have long-term ramifications on the limits of personal property.


How much freedom do you have on your own property? The Connecticut Supreme Court is hearing a case on whether someone can be buried on private land.

Depending on how the court rules, an 82-year-old woman may have to exhume the remains of her husband, who passed away eight years ago.

According to the Associated Press, Elise Piquet was in a bind in 2004. Her husband just passed away and the cemeteries in Chester, a small town in Middlesex County, were full. She instead had her husband buried on her 11-acre property.

It was after her husband died that the problems began. The Associated Press said the town’s zoning board issued a cease and desist letter because there was no local law permitting a burial on one’s property. She refused to comply.

Willowbrook April 18, 2012 at 10:30 AM
This is ludacris... it's OK for Connecticut to have permitted dumping of toxic chemicals in landfills located near residential properties, where they contminate water and soil, cause cancer and innumerable serious often fatal medical issues, but a woman has a huge amount of property want chose to have her husband close to her... lets put this perspective...


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