Stamford Patch's Top 5 Stories of 2012

A look back at Stamford Patch's most-read stories of the year.


When this weekend arrives, it will be the last one we welcome for the year 2012 before Tuesday's debut of 2013. Here, Stamford Patch will take a look back at the most-read stories of the year. Some made the list because they were popular, some because they were big news stories, but all made the list because they were important to the community.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Stories in 2012 on Stamford Patch.

#5: Stamford Pics & Clips

Pics & Clips is the local hub for Stamford residents to share whatever it is they spot while they're around town. Whether it's a sunset on the beach or a walk along an ice-frosted lake or a shot of lunch for their favorite local sandwich shop, Pics & Clips is a great place for Stamford residents to share their scenes of interest with neighbors.

#4: Readers' Choice: Favorite Stamford Deli

Readers' Choice gave Stamford residents the opportunity to vote on their favorite local businesses around town, and the Stamford Deli category was so popular, it comes in at number four on the most popular stories for the year. It was a tight race, but Fusaro Market came out the winner with 7,956 votes to Rinaldi's Deli and Grill's 6,766 votes.

#3: Woman's Body Found at Stamford Gym

An elderly woman whose body was discovered in a Stamford gym after she passed away following a morning work out really caught the attention of the city's residents.

#2: Teen Accused of Impregnating 11 Year-Old Relative Arrested

A 15-year-old Stamford teen accused of sexually abusing an 11-year-old relative after it was discovered she was pregnant during a visit to the hospital for an unrelated illness shocked the Stamford community and was the second most-read story of the year.

#1: Stamford Public Schools Closed on Monday [SANDY HUB]

Hurricane Sandy was big news around these parts, and as power outages and evacuation orders developed, Patch coverage was supplied in real-time. Stamford residents turned to Patch to find out what was happening in their town, and the Hurricane Sandy hub being in the number one position supports that assessment.


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