Independents Eye Stamford Finance, Education Boards

Though often underestimated, the activities and experience of Stamford's Independent Party candidates may secure their spots on the Board of Finance and the Board of Education.

With four endorsed candidates vying for three seats on the Board of Finance and one on the Board of Education in the Nov. 8 municipal election, the Independent Party of Stamford appears to base its election strategies on the experience of its candidates and anti-Pavia activity.

, who ran for the Board of Education in 2007 has served on The Citizens Advisory Group, is being endorsed by both IPS and the Stamford Republican Party. The Independent Party of Stamford suggests that Murphy's experience as an attorney and actuary could bring unique insight into how the Board of Education should handle financial matters.

"Murphy feels that 2008's $75 million Qualified Zone Academy Bonds were not properly accounted for," a representative of the Independent party said. "At the time, the right questions were not asked in regards to the bonds. Someone with Murphy's background could ask the right questions to city officials, and the right follow-up questions."

According to the SIP, one of Murphy's primary goals, if elected to the Board of Education, is to assist in finding a new superintendent with experience as a superintendent, principal, and teacher.

Murphy has a history of involvement in local budgeting, such as her to the Planning Board last February.

Recently, two of the Independent Party's Board of Finance candidates, Bob Kolenberg and Joe Tarzia, that they were not in favor of having houses built upon the Yacht Haven boatyard. Yacht Haven West itself is scheduled to close on Oct. 31. 

"They want to bring the zone to residential standards, which to me, is an alarm button. Why would they want to bring the area to residential standards unless they had a plan for residential housing," Kolenberg said on Oct. 5.

According to Pavia, he has not seen or heard of any plans to build residences near the boatyard.

Stamford resident Cynthia Reeder, the third Independent Party candidate for the Board of Finance, has maintained a relatively low-key campaign in comparison to Tarzia and Kolenberg.


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