POLL: Apple Gadgets and Rosetta Stones Are Favorites for Stamford Christmas Shoppers

Business owners across Stamford praise holiday profits.

Stamford's small and large retailers are finding common ground through the 2011 holiday shopping season.

Svetlana Smith, managing partner of the new Sheepskin Gifts in the , stated that this holiday season had been a "Super Bowl for sales." Smith's store and Bare Escentuals, fragrance store on the third floor of Stamford mall, are just two of several year-or-less old stores in Stamford mall that are enjoying profits similar to their older competitors, such as Macy's.

"It's our busiest time of year," Smith said.

Meanwhile, vendors have their own observations in regards to Stamford's holiday shoppers.

"You have a little bit of everything. Some are finished with shopping and probably exhausted from the experience, others are just coming out, and anxiety's creeping up on them, not knowing what to get," Stamford mall cart vendor Arthur Bowden said.

Bowden, who was filling in for a friend at a plush animal cart, usually sells Rosetta Stone products that he claims are popular this season. A manager at Bare Escentuals stated that their holiday gift sets are among their biggest sellers.

However, if the traffic in Stamford Town Center's is an indication of its business, Apple products, specifically the iPad 2, are enjoying full control of the Stamford shopper's dollar during this holiday season.

What is on your gift list for this holiday season? Tell us in your comments; don't forget to 'Like' Stamford Patch on Facebook!


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