Nothing Afoul in Stamford Transfer Station Records, Audit Finds

After a private trash hauler reportedly tried to scam the system by manipulating the weight of his truck at the scale house, an audit has revealed that it was more than likely an isolated incident.

An audit of the transfer station's financial records after a private hauler allegedly manipulated the weight of its truck to cheat the city out of tipping fees has reportedly turned up no additional improprieties.

According to a report in the Stamford Advocate, the audit conducted by consulting firm J.H. Cohn has revealed that when private hauler manipulated the weight of it trucks it was more than likely and "isolated incident" and not part of a widespread problem.

The firm however, is reportedly to help ensure the City transfer station isn't getting scammed. Joseph Centofanti, a partner with J.H. Cohn, has reportedly recommended upgrading the software system that the scale house uses for determining fees and tracking activities. The current system is flawed, he said in the report, because all employees who use the scale house log in using the same ID number, thus making accountability difficult.

In addition the firm has recommended that the City secure the rear entrance to the transfer station at night, because haulers could be tempted to bring their loads in through the abutting Water Pollution Control Authority property and illegally dump.

For more, check out the Stamford Advocate report.


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