Hundreds Attend Funeral For Badger Children

A funeral for the children of Madonna Badger took place in front of hundreds on Thursday.

The funeral for the three children of Madonna Badger took place at the St. Thomas Moore Church in Manhattan, NYC earlier today.

Ms. Badger reportedly spoke fondly of her three children, 9-year old Lily Badger, 7 year-old Grace Badger, and her twin sister Sarah Badger. During a very moving eulogy for her children, Badger placed her hand over her hear and stated “This is where they live now,” according to a report by the New York Times.  Badger described her daughters as "my little girl tribe."

Hundreds were in attendance for the funeral, including fashion designers Calvin Klein and Vera Wang, according to the Telegraph.

The funerals for Badger's parents, Lomer and Pauline Johnson, has not yet been announced. The day of mourning concluded with a private wake at the Bronx's Wakefield Cemetery.


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