Fairfield County Deals with Aftermath of Irene

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It was an eventful weekend for residents across the Northeast as Hurricane Irene, which turned out to be a tropical storm once it hit New York and Connecticut, brought heavy winds, rain and flooding to the area.

People in southern Fairfield County to prepare for the storm, stocking up on batteries, non-perishable foods and other supplies. And after the storm hit, residents were left to deal with , downed trees, and , while others braved the hazardous conditions to at the damage left behind.

Patch editors have been working to provide the latest updates, including efforts to restore power, possible school delays and the . Click on the links below to continue to get the latest updates for your town:


CTPati September 01, 2011 at 05:46 PM
It's appalling that incompetent/career politicians in D.C. (and Hartford) wasted TRILLIONS of our earnings, so now there is nothing left for FEMA--except borrowed/printed money--to help repair the damage done to "infrastructure" by the flooding here, in VT and NY, such as Ulster County. Ironically, Gov. Cuomo took part as HUD secretary in causing the *mortgage collapse/Financial DISASTER* our nation is in now. Does he even realize his own role in creating the Recession his state and the nation are in? I had an e-mail from Jim Himes Tuesday, in which he started with "offer[ing] some assistance to help keep you safe"....and finished with: "Again, my office is happy to help in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to call at 866-453-0028 or stop into either my Bridgeport or Stamford offices, listed below.

Jim" Too bad he and the other professional (?) politicians wasted over 820 Billion $$ of Americans' BORROWED money on *failed* "Stimulus" that was supposed to create jobs and build "infrastructure."


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