Animals Had a Hard Time During Hurricane Sandy, Too

Thank you to DJ Mac for raising these important issues! Full story here: http://stamford.patch.com/articles/animals-had-a-hard-time-during-hurricane-sandy-too#photo-12037369 — Lou

The Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter is back into the swing of things following Hurricane Sandy, but they weren't totally spared when the storm blew through the city, according to Director Laurie Hollywood. On Monday, a Shephard mix escaped on Courtland Ave. and ran off, Hollywood said. The shelter also recovered a young Staffordshire Terrier, roughly 6 or 7 months old, dark brindle color mixed with white. The pup had no microchip. They've also recovered several injured wild animals, but Hollywood said she couldn't be sure to what she could attribute their injuries. A kitten had to be euthanized after being found with a broken back according to Hollywod. Several raccoons were recovered with injuries to their legs, she said, and the shelters recovered a couple sick skunks as well. Hollywood said the skunks that have been ill could be attributed to the time of the year, though the storm didn't help. "It's the time of the year when a lot of people get sick," Hollywood said. "Wild animals tend to get sick around this time as well." *** A chocolate lab was recovered by the shelter on November 14th, Hollywood said. It was found loose on Rippowam Road in Shippain, she said. She described the dog as being a nice dog, approximately 2 years old, with a good personality and a skin condition. Hollywood said they'd have to take the animal to the animal hospital before putting it up for adoption if the owner didn't return to claim it.


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