Stamford Animal Control Helps Rescue Clumsy Bambi

A story of freedom in four panels
A story of freedom in four panels
Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter officers had their hands full over the weekend trying to rescue a deer who had become stuck upside-down trapped between two fences somehow.

Ofc. Tilford Cobb said the shelter received a call at approximately 9:54 a.m. from 74 Boxwood Drive when the homeowner discovered a deer stuck on it's back between a post fence and a stockade fence.

After some examination and calming techniques to quiet the deer from kicking by covering her head, Cobb said the decided cutting the back post and pushing against the fence would give her enough room to maneuver and wiggle free.

After about an hour of work, the deer was able to run off relatively unscathed thanks to the work of Cobb and the homeowner.

"It was so rewarding," Cobb said of the rescue. "It made my day being able to free her."


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