"Acupuncture Flu Shot" now offered at Heart Wisdom

Fight colds and flu naturally with an acupuncture "flu shot."  Get yours today!
Fight colds and flu naturally with an acupuncture "flu shot." Get yours today!
Cold and flu season is upon us again!  Each year brings new strains of viruses, and many of us get ill despite our best efforts at prevention.  
From now until the end of March, you can bolster your natural defenses and help ward off colds and flu with Heart Wisdom's immunity-boosting "acupuncture flu shot."  This simple, safe, and effective treatment works with your own body to promote wellness and immune system strength.  It is based on centuries-old knowledge designed to support a person's vitality during the coldest months of the year, counteracting our natural tendency to "shut down" and mute our responses to outside stimuli.
The "acupuncture flu shot" includes one standard acupuncture treatment, a self-help data sheet with tips on keeping your immune system strong, and a single mega-dose Vitamin D capsule (optional) - all for less than the cost of a regular acupuncture treatment!
To find out more or schedule an appointment in our convenient Stamford office, please call 203-274-5797 or email us at heartwisdominfo@gmail.com.


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