Newest Luxury Rentals in Downtown Stamford Officially Opened

The 124-unit Parallel 41 already has a 25-percent occupancy rate.

The New 124-unit Parallel 41 opened at Washington Blvd. and North St. Wednesday night, and an assortment of big names in government and business for the City of Stamford were on hand to give the new luxury rentals a proper opening.

Mayor Michael Pavia said the event was just one of many in recent memory that just goes to prove, Stamford is showing no signs of slowing down.

"I was cutting this ribbon today and someone just commented, 'How many ribbons was that today,'" Pavia said. "And it's true. We have new grand openings and new businesses so frequently, the value of being a part of the City of Stamford and all that it offers just keeps growing."

He said the celebration Wednesday night was symbolic of the greater picture.

"The commemoration of this beautiful new building is a commemoration and celebration of all of the City of Stamford," the mayor said.

Laure Aubuchon, Head of Economic Development for the City of Stamford, said she couldn't be happier with the direction the city is moving, or how she sees the Stamford Downtown Special Services District evolving.

"It's just a continuance of the affirmation that Stamford is a place people want to be," she said. "We continue to work to see downtown Stamford become a 24-7 hub of activity."

Parallel 41 was serviced by a number of local retailers for the event, either through donated goods, raffle prizes, food or sponsorships. The contributing local businesses are listed below, without whom Parallel 41 said the evening would not have been possible:

Bar Q, Connecticut Cookie Co., Dance With Me, DSSD, Greenwich Med Spa, Hotel Zero Degrees, Hudson Grill, Indigo Salon, SBC, Stamford Magazine, State Farm, Station Eats, Saks, Chelsea Piers, In-Home personal Training, NAPA, Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, AVON Film Center Theater, Cafe Volta, First Stamford Bank, Stamford Art Association Gallery.


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