Familiar Stamford Name Returns With Morelli's Double Burger

Morelli's Double Burger—and the same owners—kick off a new chapter in the old location of Morelli's Pizza.

Those visiting the downtown area this weekend may have noticed Stamford's newest addition is a twist on an old staple.They may have even noticed the staple's staple, Luigi Morelli and Mario Degani catering to each customer's every whim with care and sincerity, between them more than half-a-century in the business.

Formerly called Morelli's Pizza, the Broad Street location kept the Morelli name in it's new moniker, Morelli's Double Burger & Catering, but streamlined their menu to one that moved away from entrées and the exclusivity of pizza they offered. 

Instead, partner and partial-owner Degani said Monday afternoon they've been highlighting some new fare and old favorites that he felt deserved more love and, so far, the change has been positive. 

"I've been here basically my whole life," said Degani. "I was born in Italy, but moved to Greenwich and eventually Stamford with my parents.We realized a niche opportunity for the people here and, so far, it's been a pretty positive reaction."

Degani was excited about the make-your-own-salad bar Double Burger offered, as well as the fresh-ground angus beef they used to make their burgers. Luigi Morelli, who's been in business in Stamford for more than 40 years with several different restaraunt realizations, said quality is key.

"I go shopping every morning," Morelli said. "Nothing stays in the refridgerator here more than a few days. If it's here after three days, we throw it out. Everything is as fresh as it can be."

Morelli said Stamford has provided him with opportunities he couldn't have imagined elsewhere and he's happy he gets to continue to provide for these people.

"All my friends are in Stamford," Morelli said. "I've had so many opportunities here and I feel so comfortable here. I clearly made the right choice, it's the most important city in Connecticut now! It's such a nice town with nice people."

Degani said if you come in now, aside from the big, juicy burgers served on fresh rolls or the new salad bar, you could also try the Scarpiello wings, a new take on the classic Italian Chicken Dish.

"Instead of making the classic dish, since we're moving away from the entrées, we made a sauce for chicken wings," said Degani. "Before, we had it as a dinner—any italian restaraunt worth its salt has it as a dish—but we used the same concept for wings and they've been a big hit so far."

So if you're looking for new takes on old classics and an established name, give Morelli's Double Burger & Catering a try at 114 Broad Street in Stamford.


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