Connecticut’s Tax Free Shopping Week Begins Sunday

Pay no taxes on clothing and shoes from Aug. 19-25. Some strings are attached.


Shoppers looking to stock up on clothing and footwear would do well to wait until Sunday to make the purchases. Connecticut’s annual tax free week begins on Sunday, just in time for back-to-school shopping, and the 6.35 percent sales tax will be waived until the following Saturday.

and the tax holiday only applies to apparel. The maximum price of an item is $300, otherwise tax will be owed. Clothing designed just for athletic activity or “protective use” does not count, nor do accessories like jewelry, luggage, umbrellas, watches, handbags and wallets. Also, safety apparel will still be taxed.

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services explains a number of scenarios for the tax-free week, such as returns and using coupons.

The state expects to lose $7.5 million in revenue by dropping the tax for one week, according to the Associated Press.


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