Cask Republic in Downtown Stamford May Have Beers Older than You

Carnero in the Vintage Room
Carnero in the Vintage Room
Fans of beer, rejoice! The new American pub Cask Republic in Downtown Stamford has about 200 of them for you to sample. It is not recommended to attempt to complete this task in a single night.

The communal restaurant and bar has been open for about a month now and features booths, a full bar, a separate whiskey bar and long dining tables throughout the center of the restaurant where random parties join together in a community atmosphere to eat and drink.

"We're proud of our food, but we have some really outstanding beer in our selection," said manager Miguel Carnero. "Really good, craft beer from all over the world."

Some of the selections might even be older than the patrons who come to visit by the time some of the younger ones can legally get into the restaurant to start sampling. Cask Republic has a vintage beer selection with some choices dating back to 1993. There's even a vintage room to peruse what's available.

Some of the offerings include the specially-brewed Captain Lawrence Ryeghts of Passage House Ale made solely for Cask Republic and Ginger Man. There are cask beers and warm-line beers served at 52-degrees and beers from Switzerland and Belgium and Ireland and Italy and so many other places there's guaranteed to be something for everyone.

While having an upscale feel, something the restaurant group behind Cask Republic designed building off The Ginger Man, another name owned by the same group, Carnero said Cask Republic wants their customers to be slightly more relaxed.

"We wanted to create a nice, cozy space," he said. "It's not just people in suits. We want people to come in in jeans and a T-shirt and kick back and relax. The communal tables are designed to get people to know each other. We rarely put the TVs on. We encourage interaction among our guests."

Carnero said that plan has been somewhat successful. Offering community tables, and small, sharable plates—all sampled were delicious. Seriously, try the meatballs—that Carnero described as "trending right now," and a capacity for about 170 people at once, he said much of what customers find appealing is the mood Cask Republic creates or how it responds to the customer vibe.

"It's about adjusting the ambiance to the moment," he said. "It's a completely different experience here for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon than it is on a Friday or Saturday night out. We dim or brighten the lights, crank up some good music or pull away all the utensils on a whim, trying to offer customers that right ambiance at that right moment."

Carnero credited the ability to achieve all that to the staff of 50 that the Cask Republic carefully selected from 100s of applicants.

"We have the cream of the crop here," he said. "They are truly the best of Stamford. Everyone talking about how they're having a good time, I credit that to the people we're hiring."

Cask Republic's Stamford location at 191 Summer Street is actually the second to carry the name, with another location open in New Haven. The restaurant opens its doors seven days a week and should soon be offering Sunday brunch.


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