Aquarion Announces Stamford Water Treatment Plant Infrastructure Project

The Aquairon Water Company announced Monday their plans to provide infrastructure improvements to a Stamford water main feeding into the city's treatment plant. 

Aquarion representatives said 3,700 feet of the 42-inch diameter main would undergo replacement beginning in January 2014 and should be completed by April of that same year. 

"The project is designed to improve the long-term reliability and capacity of Stamford's water infrastructure," the company said in a release. 

Customers should not expect to experience any change in water service during the project as Aquarion provides redundant infrastructure serving the Stamford Treatment Plant. In the event of a complication associated with the project, Aquarion will provide customers with updating information.

Customers with questions about the project are invited to reach out to the George Logan, Aquarion's Director of Engineering and Planning, at 203.337.5902. For service issues, contact customer service at 1.800.732.9678.


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