Whiz Kid Dan Rosenblum

16-year-old Dan Rosenblum's passion for freestyle skiing has taken him all over the country.

This week's Whiz Kid Dan Rosenblum is a student of , but spends most of the academic year at Killington Mountain School in Vermont where he divides his time between academics and freestyle skiing.

In fact, Dan won the halfpipe event last month at the U.S. Revolution Tour at Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon — a big accomplishment since the tour is used to qualify athletes for U.S. Grand Prix, World Juniors, U.S. Open, U.S. Word Cup, USASA Nationals and Project Gold camps.

Later that month, Dan followed up his gold medal with yet another gold at the Gatorade Free Flow Tour at Okemo Mountain, which allowed him to compete at the Free Flow Tour finals in Snowbasin, Utah.

Patch spoke with Dan recently about his passion for skiing, his unique experience at Killington and his favorite hang out spot in Stamford.

Patch: Dan, so you're a student at KLHT, but you've also been attending the Killington Mountain School in Vermont for two years. How does that all work out?

Dan: I leave King in November and I come up [to Killington] and stay for five months until April. King sends the whole cirriculum up to KMS and the teachers here teach me and give me home school tests and quizzes. When you come here, you need to have good time management [skills]. It's almost like being in college — once you come up here it takes a little time to adjust to managing skiing and homework. But once you have that down, it's all pretty easy.

Patch: What's your practice schedule like at Killington? And did you have to audition to get into the school?

Dan: We ski everyday for a half-day and then we go to school for the other half. And most of the time, we'll take Fridays off from school and train all day. We then do competitions on Fridays and over the weekends. And I didn't have to try out. Basically, if you want to get into intense competition training, you come up here.

Patch: Have you always loved skiing? How did you get started?

Dan: My family's always been involved in skiing. I was always an athletic kid and my parents basically put me on skis when I was three. I guess I really liked it because I started doing it every weekend.

Patch: What do you love about freestyle skiing more than other sports you play, like soccer and baseball? And, I'm curious. Have you broken any bones yet?

Dan: I like the thrill of it a lot more. I just go out there and have fun with my friends. We push each other to try new things and when we do jumps, it's just so much more exciting. And no, I haven't broken anything yet, knock on wood.

Patch: Where do you want skiing to take you in the future and what are some of your other interests?

Dan: I definitely want to keep skiing as long as I can and have fun with it, but I want to be sports physical therapist or something like that. I love biology and science.

Patch: What are some of the things you miss doing when you're not in Stamford?

Dan: I definitely miss going to the movies with my friends. And we always go to . That's definitely something that I look forward to when I come home.

Patch: And where's your favorite place to ski?

Dan: Anywhere in Colorado is awesome. It has big snow and huge mountains.

Gail Peck Rauner March 02, 2011 at 02:24 PM
Hello Stamford Patch! I work in a private high school where many Stamford kids are students. We have some wonderfully talented Stamford kids to tell you about! Could someone please e-mail me at gail@gprcommunications.com ? Thanks! Gail Peck Rauner


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