Pet Valu Pairs with Local Animal Welfare Groups

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Pet Valu Stamford celebrated its grand opening on Saturday. Complete with a happy clown, clown dog, balloon sculpting, prizes and, of course adoptable kittens and dogs, the day was a fun party.

Project Precious Rescue brought Lil Mama, jeffrey and Fluffernutter to the event. The three dogs quickly became two when a pre-approved adoption resulted in Fluffernutter leaving early, the PPR volunteers celebrated the moment, significant in that Fluffernutter was their 100th adoption in less than a year. "These are all adoptions that stick. These are forever homes," said PPR's Kayte Mulligan-Zowing, with a well deserved grin as she held Jeffrey, a black poodle mix who is in need of a home or foster situation. 

Inside Pet Valu, a crowd gathered around a playful litter of kittens. Madeline Zomb, 15, of New Canaan tried to wear down her mother. "Please," she asked her mother Alison. No matter, three of the four kittens had approved adoptions by about 2:00pm and Heather Scutti, director of STARelief was all smiles. 

Visiting the Zombs of New Canaan was Elisa Rooks from Sherman Oaks, CA. "My son Isaac did his community service hours this year at Lucky Puppy in Studio City," said Rooks. "It's like a pet shop, but all the dogs are rescues. In L.A., we banned commercially bred dogs from pet stores," she added.    

Store manager MJ Giordani said Pet Valu loves to pair up with rescue groups for adoption events like the one on Saturday. "We have these great new self dog wash stations where customers can bathe their pets without a mess and we'd love to pair with rescue groups to do dog-wash fundraisers," said Giordani. "They can charge what they like for the fundraiser whether it's $10 or $30, and put every penny toward their rescue group." 

Cat Assistance volunteer Tina Aronson, who explained that her organization also rescues dogs, smiled down at the 90-lb. pit-mix "Brock," who she escorted to the event and swapped information with Giordani.

Pet Valu is located at 1131 High Ridge Rd. in Stamford (203) 658-8825. Local rescue grops interested in setting up dog-wash fundraisers at Pet Valu can contact Manager MJ Giordani at MGiordani@petvalu.com 

More information on STARelief and their pet food pantry is available on their website

For information on Project Precious rescue, check out the PPR Facebook page or website. To watch a short video celebration Project Precious Rescue's 100th adoption click here


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