Kids Helping Kids Bake Pumpkin Bread for Annual Fundraiser

The teen group teamed with a local store kind enough to donate some space to help.

The Stamford-based, teen-organized charity group Kids Helping Kids gathered Wednesday night to gear up for their 11th-Annual Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale.

The teens were welcomed into The Grade-A Shop Rite at 1990 W. Main Street after requesting assistance and mentoring in the mixing and baking process. With this extra oversight, the teens were able to accomplish in a few hours what used to take days.

"I admire you kids," 4th-generation Shop Rite owner Chip Cingari told the group as they relaxed with pizza after a round of baking. "Our country is not in the greatest shape. We're going to need you as leaders. Personally, this means a lot to me. You're doing for other people, not for yourselves. Thank you for caring and I'm happy to help you."

Previously, the entire baking process for the fundraiser took place in the kitchen of Jennifer Kelley, one of the only adult overseers for the group. Kelley's daughter, Lexi, actually founded the group following a car accident in which she was seriously injured. Following the outpouring of support she received, Lexi recognized the idea that lots of people doing a little can lead to big change, and decided to try and give back.

The group now organizes events like Cuts for a Cause, which recently took place in New Canaan, or the Share Your Shoes drive, which donates 12,000 pairs of shoes to families in need.

"This event is important because it tonight gives us the opportunity to continue doing things we're passionate about," said 15-year-olf Casey Benzaken, one of the approximate 45 kids involved in the bake sale from close to a dozen different schools around the area. "It helps fund everything Kids Helping Kids does with its projects."

Th group baked 500 loaves of pumpkin bread this year, which sell for $10 each. All proceeds from the event go to fund the groups other projects throughout the year. Pumpkin bread can be purchased from this page on the Kids Helping Kids website.


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